The Abundance Mindset in Your Dental Practice

The Abundance Mindset in Your Dental Practice

Do you have an abundance mindset or a scarcity mindset? I believe that all people in this world, including dentists, come under one of these two categories. Of course, you can shift from one to the other as circumstances demand. The abundance mindset provides a more enjoyable journey, bringing returns in many different ways.

Although most people talk about the glory days of the past and why things aren’t like that anymore, we (co-host Naren and I) believe that now is a great time to do dentistry. As Naren would say, today is the best day in history because human beings can build on what we did yesterday.

That is why I continue to invest in my dental practice; Life Smiles Dental Care.  We utilize the latest techniques and technologies, our staff is one of the best-paid and happiest in the industry, and we offer the highest-quality services to our patients at affordable rates. Affordability is our hallmark, as we want to provide quality dentistry to people from all strata of society.

Most people believe that affordability and profitability don’t work together. Life Smiles has proven this wrong, as we have managed to provide affordable services to our patients while remaining profitable. According to the abundance concept, we can have it all in a practice.

Yearning for human connections

Life is about helping others get what they want, so we can achieve what we want in return. Technology has enabled us to achieve things that just weren’t possible many years ago, an example being the benefits we get with dental implants. However, the more the world becomes digitized and dependent on technology, the more people have started crying out for human connections. Nowadays, people can get anything they want over the internet without even stepping out into a store, but they have become hungrier for human interactions. So, if a dental practice can get close to people on a more personal level, they will treasure that relationship more.

Dr. Omer Reed, a leading dentist in the eighties who operated a large but intimate practice, taught me this concept. He explained what he does: His office maintained index cards for all patients with their personal information. He would study the index card of each patient he was scheduled to see that day after coming to work in the morning. This way, he learned something about each patient, enabling him to show interest in each patient he treated. Listening plays an important role here. The patients know the doctor is interested in them and cares for their well-being. This leads to a great relationship.

Reducing insurance dependency

This kind of relationship will help dentists reduce their insurance dependence as people wouldn’t like to leave a dentist they care about just because that dentist doesn’t work with insurers. Some patients appreciate dentists with less insurance dependence. Such a practice will thrive even if it doesn’t depend so much on insurers. Helping others get what they want is the idea behind abundance. You get what you want by assisting others in getting what they want.

The Dental Abundance Mastermind program, which will be launched soon, will have regular meetings to help as many dentists as possible; they can, in turn, help their patients and build a thriving practice. The program will operate as a small community with about 12 dentists in each Mastermind program.

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