Bob Affleck

Bob Affleck
Co-Founder of RIDA

Bob Affleck’s passion is to help dentists realize their dream of practice ownership as well as practice growth and success, which in the end leads to a road map of a legacy to be proud of. He has been dedicated to doing so for over 31 years and has successfully changed thousands of dentists’ lives. 

1989 was a year to remember for Bob and one he looks back on with gratitude; it was a year when his daughter was born and when he took his first steps into the dental world. It wasn’t until two years later, when he had his second child, a son, that he realized he truly had two passions in life. First and most importantly being a father, and second, helping make a difference in dentists’ lives.

Early on, Bob discovered a massive gap in what dentists had learned in dental school and the knowledge they needed to possess to open a practice of their own. That is what took him down the path of becoming a Practice Finance Specialist, Practice Management Consultant, and even a Practice Broker. Closing that gap for dentists and helping them achieve their hopes and dreams has led Bob into his passion for educating, guiding, and assisting dentists from beginning to end. 

Phone Number: 949 939 4550