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Mark Montgomery, DMD


Dr. Mark W. Montgomery has been committed to excellent patient care since graduating from Oregon Health Sciences University in 1980. His experience in all aspects of dental care has been enhanced by extensive work in continuing dental education. This background has built a strong commitment to comprehensive health, grounded in beautiful smiles, excellent chewing function, and a health/biological focus.

Dr. Montgomery has lectured and taught extensively regarding dentomandibular sensorimotor function and dysfunction. He has developed integrated systems to manage pain, headaches, TMD, and force managed occlusion. He has taught thousands of dentists to use well-defined systems to enhance their clinical excellence.

He is well known for his mastery of skills in the areas of clear aligner orthodontics, smile enhancements and veneers, reconstruction and restoration of worn and damaged teeth, and in controlling tooth grinding, dentomandibular sensorimotor dysfunction, and head/face pain.

Dr. Montgomery currently teaches live patient hands-on curricula for post-graduate clinical studies in the areas of pain, headaches, sensorimotor dysfunction, occlusion and full-mouth reconstruction. He also is Chief Medical/Dental Officer at Dental Resource Systems, and has been an educator with Pride Institute, PAC~live, the Hornbrook Group and Aesthetic Masters in the area of Clinical Management. Dr. Montgomery was formerly on the faculty of AlignTech Institute, training dentists in the Invisalign system.

Dr. Montgomery is available for presentations to small groups, study clubs, or auditorium sized audiences.

Dee Dee Reid

Trusted Leader

Dee Dee Reid, named one of 2016 Top 25 Women in Dentistry by DPR, helps dental teams increase their productivity by identifying what drives them and building strong patient relationships. A true pace setter, Dee Dee has a proven track record of elevating practice earnings from under a million annually to 1.5 million in just a few months flat.

Beyond the Dollar Signs

Financial success is fleeting if doctor and team are not fully engaged, perpetually fulfilled and regularly challenged. If Dee Dee has a super power it is getting in a true relationship with the clients she serves, clearly identifying strengths, and coaching the team to perform at consistently high levels.

The Fun Begins

Once a doctor and team can perform consistently at a high level, Dee Dee helps push the limits, empowering the team to see beyond their current goals and into the future of infinite possibilities – changing lives for the better and delivering fulfilling work to all who crave it.

Dee Dee Reid brings more than 20 years of dental practice management experience, clinical coordination and dental assisting experience to her role as trusted advisor and expert coach.

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