RIDA means Reinstate Independent Dentists Autonomy


Dee Dee Reid
CEO and Master Coach
Amplified Dynamics, LLC

Dee Dee Reid, named one of the 2016 Top 25 Women in Dentistry by DPR, helps dental teams increase their productivity by identifying what drives them and building strong patient relationships. A true pace setter, Dee Dee has a proven track record of elevating practice earnings from under a million annually to 1.5 million in just a few months flat.

Dr. Mark Montgomery
Leader, Mentor, Educator, and Provocateur
Amplified Dynamics, LLC

Dr. Mark W. Montgomery has been committed to excellent patient care since graduating from Oregon Health Sciences University in 1980. His experience in all aspects of dental care has been enhanced by extensive work in continuing dental education. This background has built a strong commitment to comprehensive health, grounded in beautiful smiles, excellent chewing function, and a health/biological focus.

Dr. Montgomery has lectured and taught extensively regarding dentomandibular sensorimotor function and dysfunction. He has developed integrated systems to manage pain, headaches, TMD, and force-managed occlusion. He has taught thousands of dentists to use well-defined systems to enhance their clinical excellence.

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