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I help dentists create a thriving and profitable practice that enables them to love life, love dentistry, and love the people around them!

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My View of Dentistry Changed When I Became a Practice Owner 14 Years Ago!

Before owning a dental practice of my own, I was a dental practice management coach for over three decades. It wasn’t until I had the time to work on my practice; I realized something significant to me as a practice owner; how much we were writing off due to Insurance.

It was the year 2007 during the Great Recession...

We were looking at our expenses 3 months after we bought the practice, and the reality of the situation we were in came to light; we were infected with over 34 PPO Plans and an overhead of 80%!

I learned two things that day, which changed my perspective on practice ownership forever!

  1. I can’t develop a thriving & profitable dental practice if we are insurance-dependent.
  2. Insurance-driven patients are less likely to consider ideal dentistry, putting their oral health at risk!

Most Importantly, I realized over 90% of practices are heavily insurance dependent, just like we were!

That’s when I made it my life’s work to help more dentists like us achieve a thriving & profitable practice like they deserve to!

Ever since then, over 2200+ Practices later, I’ve worked towards creating a pathway that allowed my coaching clients to help them achieve a practice that provides them with personal, financial & professional satisfaction!
I’ve had the privilege to help dentists at multiple stages in their careers, from start-up practices, multi-practice expansions all the way to helping dentists transition towards retirement...
My legacy in life is to support you & your team members in developing a practice that helps you and your patients live & love dentistry!

2 Ways How Dentists Like You Can Reduce Insurance Dependence!

1. Attract Ideal

Patients through a Done-For-You Digital Marketing Plan!

  • Leverage Influence Principles
  • Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Techniques
  • Patients who choose you for the right reasons are more likely to accept ideal treatment recommendations

2. Through a personalized

support system that walks you through every step of the way, moving past any hurdles and challenges in the most efficient way possible!

  • It helps you become systems-driven
  • Grow your practice 10% or more every year!
  • Develop a great team who you love & enjoy working with!
  • Own a practice that helps you to leave a legacy behind!

Helping Dentists Succeed With Personalized Virtual Coaching & Practice Management Support!

Dentistry is a profession that allows you to not only save lives but also enhance them in a very unique and fulfilling way! Not all practices are created equal; the dentist, the practice culture, and how you take care of patients make for a unique practice environment.

World-Class Practices have the right mix of effective systems, the best possible team members, the right strategies, great strategies, and a great practice culture within the practice!

Sneak a peek into our Coaching Program!

24 Business Systems

We’ve studied and analyzed successful business systems in place at many world-class practices responsible for their continued success, year after year.

These have been distilled into 24 Core Systems that are crucial to have in place for any general dental practice if you are passionate about developing a world-class practice!

10 Elements of a Thriving Dental Practice

These are the key pillars that you need to implement in your practice to develop the best possible practice environment for you, your team, and your patients.

These 10 Elements have helped over 2200+ coaching clients develop a practice where their patients now know, like, and trust them for the care and attention they provide, and not because they are on their insurance plan!

Special Virtual Development Sessions

For You & Your Team Members

Coaching Mastermind

Revisit your progress, stay on track with your goals, learn from other dentists what works, what doesn’t!

Make the best of both worlds!

Team Training

The strength of your practice depends on how well you’ve trained your team members!

These sessions will train your team members to act like world-class team members!

Reducing PPOs

Becoming a Less Insurance Dependent Practice is crucial if you wish to own a thriving & profitable practice!

We have sessions dedicated to helping your practice get ready to drop PPO Plans at your practice as soon as possible!

Verbal Skills Training

Many practices lose countless opportunities due to the team members’ lack of excellent verbal skill training!

Enhance your team members’ verbal skills across various aspects of dentistry; front dentist training, hygiene scheduling & reactivation, effective handling new patient inquiries, and much more!

Comprehensive Conversion Call Training

New Patients are the lifeblood of a dental practice; however, your marketing will not prove effective if you cannot convert them!

Help your Team Members master the art of effectively converting new patient calls to booked appointments!

Best Practices

These group coaching sessions are designed to get you exposed to the best strategies, techniques, methods, and practices that you can adopt at your practice to enhance your patient experience while learning from one another!

Case Acceptance

Being able to lead case presentations at the right time confidently, in the right way that encourages the patient to accept the treatment plan, is a crucial skill every dentist must master if they wish to do more comprehensive dentistry!

These are a series of sessions that will help you master the art of case acceptance in your practice!

Book Club

Special discussions where we review and apply various concepts in a way that’s relevant to you as a practice owner and your team members!

Many opportunities to learn, interact and engage, adding more value to how you function as a dental practice!

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say

Dr. Siemen, DDS
"Gary and his team offer value far exceeding expectations, no detail is overlooked. Systems and coaching sessions are presented with enthusiasm and genuine passion for the advancement of the doctors and the dental profession. Truly caring and supportive team!"
Dr. McLachlan, DDS
"Overall I feel the program has been phenomenal. I love how systematic it is. I feel that it steps you through every system quite well and helps build a much better practice. Altogether A+++"
Dr. Kellerman, DDS
"I would say that you guys have done exceptionally well! I really like the format of team videos and I appreciate how Gary makes himself accessible to his coaching clients. The information we learn is relevant and actionable and helps us move our practices forward. So, I would say a 10 out of 10!"
Dr. Maxwell, DDS
"Rating 10/10, based on value for all the Zoom calls, services & materials you provide. Plus, the relationships I'm building with Gary & Naren."

Getting Started with our Coaching Program

We are now accepting our next batch of clients, where we will be offering the program for only a limited number of dentists on a first-come, first-serve basis

It is offered on a monthly payment basis of $1,647 per month with a 12-month commitment.

**There will be NO onboarding fee.

Refer below for most frequently asked questions

I designed the 24 systems as a set of simple yet highly effective tools to help dentists increase productivity, create structure, and effectively manage workflow in their practices. It is my firm belief that with these systems in place, your practice will be on its way to achieving a 10% total production growth yearly (or even more in some cases).

We usually begin the process by implementing 2 systems per month. Ideally, it would take a week to introduce a system to the team and another week to implement it. What's more, my team will follow up with you and your 'champions' at least twice a week. Champions are those in your practice who you believe can be responsible for coordinating particular systems, you will learn more about this as we progress through the systems. We will also continue to monitor your numbers through a weekly progress report and if the results are not as expected, I will work with you to figure out the root cause.

No, it's personalized. However, we have a full calendar planned with special coaching events for our clients. These are sessions where I discuss and introduce new ideas in a group setting, which will provide you the opportunity to interact with and learn from other practices. As always, if any of my clients require individual attention, they can always set up a meeting with me via our virtual calendar or they can simply email or text either me or my team.

Yes, Our Practice Management Advisors will be in touch with your team to track/review progress more than twice a week. We expect our clients to provide us a ‘Weekly Progress Update’ (positive/negative) so that we can give you feedback.

Absolutely! We are introducing individual KPIs for all your team members.

The systems training will be shared in a video/document format. I want you and your team to go through each system's training materials and learn & implement them at your own pace. Our Practice Management Advisors will be monitoring and tracking the progress of these systems, and provide more assistance/advice as needed.

Yes, my team keeps me updated with each and everyone’s progress weekly and if someone is struggling, I will address those issues personally. Apart from that, I conduct a special session to review the progress monthly. This is done in a group setting. However, everyone is free to ask any questions and discuss solutions with me. Hence, everyone gets to learn from each other.


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